Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
2023-09-27 06:22:25 (UTC)

So I kind of, well I think I ..

So I kind of, well I think I did, pass another 'test' yesterday. I was coming out of the bathroom stall and my girl A was washing her hands, I was like 'what the heck happened up there' she said it was a bug. I didn't have my glasses on but whatever it was, it was huge. She was just going to leave it, I explained that she would have to kill it, she said she wasn't climbing up on the counter to kill it. I said 'spray it with fabreeze' so she did and that thing flew down at us, so yeah I screamed (loud) but I said 'not that I am afraid, but that just startled me' (it scared the fuck out of me) Once it dropped she grabbed it and squished it. The guts were a teal color, so super gross, she claims it was a 'boxelder' bug, but also said that it was the biggest one she had ever seen. So just because I screamed, I didn't run and hide, well I kind of did behind my girl A, but still I think I passed the bug test.

A super embarrassing thing happened yesterday, I felt super cute yesterday and had felt like a ballerina, so on the way home, in the elevator, with just one girl. I was showing her my ballerina jump, well apparently you aren't supposed to jump in a moving elevator, fucks up the timing, I don't know, but lets just say I didn't land so gracefully. She was dying laughing, I wasn't hurt at all, just super thankful I didn't piss my pants. she said she was glad she didn't piss her pants too. Today, Mike is at staying home, he is sick, chest cold.

He was however, feeling super good last night and defied the doctor's orders and we made love, so yeah sweet Mikki got some good loving, he was like damn how long has it been since?? I don't know but it felt like 14 years ago and I was a virgin again.

well I am going to get off of here and see if I can go and convince him that I should stay home and take care of him

I just feel like I could sleep for a couple of more hours