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me and my life
2023-09-25 03:46:42 (UTC)

so stressed...

I am so stressed because of this job things. it has been always a daunting task for me when it comes to find a job. I have done every possible thing to find one, but nothing in hand. A will work till Nov and from Dec no work. We have to find a new house with an affordable rent. Tomorrow I will put in a group about job and will submit Tim hortons application and ask for a job to a near by montesorri which has just opened next to my building. I really don't want to work as a part timer I want so good deserving job but for meanwhile I have to work. I hope I get a job in a month now. My deadline is just getting extended.
Today we had been to Guelph at Elora conservation it was good then we visited a town had burger n fries icecream and came back home after an hr drive. now all this don't excite me at all, all am bothered about is job. Today I felt like I have put on a weight. I looked so fat in my tank and shorts all fats bulging out from here and there. I will lift weight from tomorrow. I am really disappointed in myself for getting failure in everything. job, driving and other things am just not doing great in anything.