night's, love, hurt, & all the good
2023-09-23 14:26:19 (UTC)


Well this trip is a bust! I woke up with a sore throat about 4 nights ago and got really bad two days ago. Had to cancel a park day yesterday cause I just couldn’t do it. Husband was upset about it but warmed up to it. I went to find medicine for myself at the little store here but they only have some for kids. Husband tried ordering from Walmart but they wouldn’t do it. He got DoorDash to do it. Been sleeping these last two days. Little one has been a trooper. Husband has been coughing too. I can’t lay all the time as my back hurts if I lay for more then 7 hours. So I have to get up and sit for a bit. Husband took little one to the playground they have here at the resort. I forced myself out of bed and when I got there little one was just sitting and I asked husband how long she has been sitting there and he said about 10 to 15 minutes I know she was sick. He didn’t believe me until I asked her if she was ok and she said no. I came to her and she said she wanted to throw up. I made her come to the side and she threw up. Good thing no one was there. Got her on her stroller and got her to the room. Now she is laying in bed and we got her some medicine.

She is hot and has chills just like I did the first day I got bigger symptoms. Husband is upset but not at us. Just that it’s all gone downhill. I am too but what can we do? I do feel a little better so I will have the strength to help my little one and husband if he gets any worse then the small cough.

Well got to go. Here is to 5 more days of this.