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2023-09-23 12:40:00 (UTC)

today happened another thing . ..

today happened another thing . so for it now another entry . fucking the cousin i love the most among all cousins said i am jealous of her . i was like yea everyone calls me jealous person . idk even way . but sister uk how much i like u . u are more important to me than my own bastard siblings . i have been taking care of since u were a kid . accha i get that u think that why . but why meri jaan ??? what do u have that i should be jealous of u ? u got nothing for me to be jealous of u . i have better things than u . ok i am not comparing with u . its not a match uk . u are my darling sister . i cant ask her all these directly cus i heard it from his dad. but yea i am sad of one thing and that is she is sooo damn close with her dad . while i wasnt . it was my fault tho. i never tried to get close with him .
anyways i was fucking sad when i heard this . that the persons i like always seem to not like me back . but what can i do ?? i am this way . my love shows off as jealous . my awkwardness is selfishness . my frankness is rudeness . i cant do anything about it .. after studying for a while now i found a stand up comedy show . telling u this guys show will kill u . u will die cus of laughing .
now its late ... today was a hectic day .. emotionally . i am totally drained . but i am happy i stopped procrastinating finally .i hopr i can keep this up .

and if someone knows how to be with ppl without offending them pls do tell me about it . i feel i would die alone cus of my foul mouth and introvert personality
goodnight ppl . i hope u guys are surviving well