Whispers of the Heart
2023-09-23 18:29:05 (UTC)

Playing god : Infinite Void

Hello world !

This is 24th September, 2023. And the clock is ticking around 12:02.

It has been a normal day (6.8/10). Like its weekend what do you expect from it ?

Woke up at 8:30 in the morning. Did breakfast and usual stuff. Scrolled a bit instagram saved template (⊙_◎). Rewatched some reels that have been a bit related. Removed some of them. While doing it, found out a masterpiece. Been listening to that whole day. Like in loop, over and over again. Must have played it 100 times today. [Yeah, That much I love music]. Set up my monitor, laptop and stuff, cause sessionals are coming. Have to study cause I don't know shit about anything that have been going on in class. Opened brave and started chatting with ChatGPT over Computer Networks. I have been addicted to it, I guess (。_。). Its so easy to explore, learn and understand stuff with ChatGPT. Studied for a while with it.

Then watched Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 8 I guess. God damn, Gojo really went all out this time. Has to be the best episode of the season. Eagerly wating for the Sukuna. Then had lunch with the bros. Watched some "Gujarati Natak" which didn't make me even smile, Guess I am too cold for that. [ Bros making fun of me for that OwO]. Then it was time to decide who will clean the mess after lunch. Jenil had the bad luck today ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ. Then came back to room. Continued the Computer Network. Then scrolled instagram for a bit and after that, slept with Janudi (UwU).

Woke up at 6 p.m. Had tea talks with Dharmik Meet Janudi. Then after headed to the terrace. Had a talk with mum over call about investments and stuff. Sat there for a while thinking about life and stuff. Came back to room, Did some research related to investment and market. Then listened to music [ It is, Love ]. Explored the polyphia the music band. Gaawwwwd. How did I not know about this band. Legendary artists. Janudi was like "Tane aatlu gami gyu ?". he know that I do this when I like something so fucking much. Then had dinner. It was better than expected. Came back to room. Janu was a little worried about me.

Then decided to get the pressed clothes for monday. Luckily everybody came [ Including Dhulo ]. It has been an honour (●'◡'●). Did all those chit-chats on the way. Me and Sam always talking about new things that we keep discovering and suggesting to each other [ Music, Movies and Animes ]. Then sat at the garden for a while talking about ghost-stories and paranormal experiences that each one has felt. Then ate Manchurian and Fried rice cause Jenitsu didn't have dinner. It was great. And again "Halo pake e payment karse".

Came back to hostel. Now I am writing this log listening to Polyphia [ Obssesion ]. Thinking what I am gonna do tomorrow. Also has to study Acconting cause exams are coming this week.

Thought of the day : "Complex thoughts always carry deep emotions"