Slowly descending into madness
2023-09-23 23:22:27 (UTC)

Straight man's butt play

Do you know what I think God's cruelest joke is? Making men straight and downright homophobic and put a g-spot up their ass. And they don't even know they can have an orgasm playing with it. And they're so reluctant to do so cause apparently it can make them gay. Like buddy, God has given you the best gift of having anal sex and actually enjoy it and you're in denial? You’re crazy.

However as a modern woman of science, internet and kink play, I so want to finger my boyfriend just to let him know what he's missing out on. It's 21st century, the least you could do is say no to patriarchy and let your woman finger the soul outta you. It's peachy and it's needed. (A little bit of wordplay wouldn’t hurt anyone).

For someone who loves to explore a lot of porn, I don’t get the hype of women taking it in the ass. It's painful (coming from someone who's constipated asf) and it's pointless (my gender doesn’t have it up in the ass).

If any straight man is reading this rn, use lube and explore your ass just like nature has intended. Nothing bad will ever come outta it.

Thank you for reading.