Hawn's diary
2023-09-23 16:50:23 (UTC)

Is it time to run away again?

I'm at a crossroads. I came to this town, chasing a guy who didn't want me, working really hard to establish and prove myself. I have other guys interested in me, but I really have no interest in them. I have established myself in a job... Two jobs really... But I feel like none of this matters because it's not what really motivated me to come here... It doesn't matter to me at this point. So where do I go now? What do I do? Without the guy, all I have here is two jobs and no other reason to be here. Do I sell everything and move to ask island? I mean why not? Or would I go stir crazy being stuck on an island forever? Now I have this stupid, piece of shit condo to sell...I should never have come here. What a giant mistake all of this has been. What do you do when you completely fail? Run away? Or would I just be running off to another mistake? Why am I having such a hard time gathering my thoughts on this? Why can't someone just tell me what to do? Lol.