Middle School Drama
2023-09-23 09:45:56 (UTC)


So, September 22 2022 was when I met Cyrus and yesterday was September 22 but anyways...

So, yesterday Lily called me to ask if I was able to hang out over the weekend, and I said yes. And then she told me that Kaleb ended up being gat and dated a boy who he broke up with after two weeks. Then she started dating Kaleb's ex, who's she's currently dating right now. WTF!?? Damn, Lily be getting bitches (or guys? idk) but damn bro does no one like me? Damn...

So Lily told me she got a new phone with parental controls and she says it's a living hell. And she said that she had TikTok on her phone and said she has a TikTok account with 1,015 followers! She said she's had the account for a month. I didn't believe her, so I went on TikTok and found her account. Yep, 1,015 followers, and I watched almost all her TikToks, some of which I was in.

I thought that was so cool, I actually remember last summer had a TikTok account and would get, like, 400 views per TikTok and only had 2 followers lmao. Than I deleted it. But I decided to make another one. I posted a TikTok and after an hour I had 64 views which ain't that impressive but like, whatever.

So I'm gonna see Lily later today and I'll ask her HOW THE HELL SHE GOT 1000 FOLLOWERS IN A MONTH.