Life to the lees
2023-09-23 13:43:06 (UTC)

I really like smart people, I ..

I really like smart people, I really do. I went to a Bible study last night and the conversation was fun, full of banter and full of good natured people as we all sat down to go over a section of scripture and get to the heart of it. Not just the meanings, but the significance, the culture it was written from. One man there didn’t talk much but the things he had to say are still with me this morning.

The question was, why was this particular story recorded. It was of Moses striking down an Egyptian. The answer I had was because it showed the strife in the culture at the time between the Egyptians and the Hebrews. The answer he had was that it showed Moses’ turning point. And how our turning points in life aren’t always are most stellar moments. Often quite the opposite.

I don’t know why this is sticking with me so much.