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Starting over
2023-09-23 06:16:13 (UTC)

According to Tiktok (for the ..

According to Tiktok (for the millionth time this month) today is the day of the Rapture, not that I put any stock into that at all, but just in case there is any truth to it....why would I clean today???? Nope, I will wait until tomorrow. One thing about me is I will always find an excuse to not do something I don't want to. Also, if I never post again....I told you He was real and then I will be up in Heaven doing my annoying little dance "I fucking told you guys you didn't listen said I was crazy, but yeah look at me now" and that will be right before I get 'talked' to by God.

Not that I am making excuses, but it has only been 4 weeks since I went Jelly Rolling down that hill and tore my rotor cuff. Which I believe is 90% healed, now there is a different pain, only occasionally when I reach for something a certain way, so yeah it don't take much to convince myself not to clean. So yeah, going to be a nice relaxing lazy ass day. Kim is coming home this morning, bringing me breakfast so I will help her do 2 assignments for school. Reading-comprehension bullshit, yeah 2 adhd people trying to read something boring as fuck and trying to make sense of it. I love this girl though and I do have some of the most fun times with her, I say we are like Lucy and Ethel, she says she doesn't know why they are....does this girl not remember her childhood????? I loved (and still do) Lucy. Then I think Mike is taking me out later, not 100% on that, depends on how he feels.

Mike was bound and determined to give me a good time last night, but when he laid on his side, he started to have pain and then it didn't help that the little demon jumped on his spot that hurt, so we didn't end up doing anything, let's just let him heal all the way and get the doctor's approval, it's just 'a little while time'. We can get through this bump in the road and look back and laugh, remember that one time we went almost 14 days (5 more days to go) without making love hahah oh yeah fun times....not sure how many years before that will be funny, but yeah I am sure we will look back and laugh.

Mike was getting ready for work this morning and you know how you have one of those days where every little thing just seems to go wrong??? well that was him this morning (and probably still is since he didn't listen to me) anyways as he was putting his shoes on both of them had knots, that I had to get out for him, then when he was leaving he went to take a drink of his water and the lid wasn't on and spilled on him. He was like why is this stuff happening?? I told him to set his shit down and start just shaking, shake your hips, your arms...shake that negative shit off. He just looked at me like I was a freak, I was just standing there shaking all my shit in my glory, hey it works for me.

So there have been a lot of things happening to me, little things, like the snake in the grass the other day, little things that have been giving me 'warnings' Someone is being deceitful to me, deceitful is such a strong word, it's not like a betrayal, but yet it is. I am not sure what to do (well I wasn't yesterday)

After falling asleep, praying that the snake be revealed to me so that I know what I am dealing with here, fighting the impulse to go full FBI and investigate everyone in my 'close circle'. Like I said I don't feel this is a huge thing, but a lie is a lie is a lie right???? if someone can lie about something small, doesn't that make them suspicious???? I don't know, I was kind of down yesterday, just thinking how if I know who the snake is, that means my life will change because I will have to cut them out right???? Or can a person learn to keep a snake close and love them in spite of??? I fell asleep, not going to lie, quite a mess, then I remembered 'I wonder what my next thought will be' I kept saying that in a loop until I was out.

After waking up and shaking it off with Mike (or well I did anyways) then my morning meditation and prayers, it's all gone

I mean not the snake, the snake is still there....but who the fuck cares?????????

I mean I care, but I don't have to worry about it or who it is, all things shall be shown in due time

I am just going to have fun and live my life and who knows maybe I can be a positive influence on the snake and encourage them to not be a snake anymore.

I am just praying for the snake, I am praying that they shed their skin and decide they don't want a life of lying and deceit anymore

it's so much easier I promise you

well my little cat is ready to go and Kim should be here any minute

oh wait before I go, I said that last night my mind and heart was heavy (worrying about the snake) well my sweet Princess laid on top of me for about 5 minutes and was healing me with her purring magic. Mike said something about me being a tiktok freak since that's where he said I get all my facts from now adays????

ummmm it was actually before I even knew tiktok was a thing, it was 2020 and I read something about cats and their healing vibrations (I have always believed we can raise and lower our vibes) I read that they absorbed negative energy and 2020 was nothing but negative (with fox news playing 24/7 in our home) the next couple of days the universe dropped a couple of kittens off on the side of the road, we took the last 2. I love my cats and I am so thankful they came into my life.

today's going to be a great day, my caramel frappe should be here any minute. My helping services don't come free ;)