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Notes from my Black
2023-09-23 09:49:16 (UTC)

AI books

Apparently Amazon is being flooded with ai books… so much so that they are putting a limit on how many an “author” can publish in a day. Really? You ca write more than 3 books a day? It work me about 18 months to get my book print ready. Now all these “entrepreneurs” are flooding the market and swallowing books written by actual people… and probably it making anything. Amazon is now requiring the disclosure of using ai, but that is still on the honor system. So how many are actually being reported? Needless to say my paltry sales are even worse. Why is it that I keep getting into professions that become outmoded? What I’m doing now will not be outmoded any time soon… it’s just not possible to automate or mechanize this work… but it’s also kinda cheap labor too. I feel like my time is worth a whole lot more. Sigh. It’s what is right now… and I did get paid for a few hours already. It’s something I guess. I got paid more than my books profited that for sure.