2023-09-23 10:49:19 (UTC)

Day 15

Leaving Stowe, VT today and heading for New Hampshire and Maine. The famous fall leaves we were anticipating have not materialized much due to a hot summer up here, we are told, so that has been a disappointment. But we are still enjoying New England and looking forward to viewing the rugged coastline. Tomorrow we hit Boston and I am expecting hugeness, history, and confusion, as well as meet up with a former student who is a senior at Harvard.
Yesterday was my first experience moving my wife around in her new wheelchair. Going up inclines is challenging and negotiating corners needs practice. She really needs the chair now, for her cane is proving more and more to be inadequate. I see the day when we buy one with big back wheels coming. She is not so far broken down so as to be wheelchair-bound yet, but someday. My days of being a caregiver have begun, and I will keep my eye out for other men who are doing the same thing and watch their expertise. She predictably is telling me HOW TO DRIVE the thing, trying to remain IN CONTROL of everything as she has always done.