Alan T. Fitch

My Personal Diary
2023-09-23 09:30:57 (UTC)

Going to West Sussex

I am with my dad, who is driving us up to West Sussex. I'm staying with him over the weekend again.
There has been a crash on the M25, which has caused delay between there and J5 and J6. So we've turned off at a different point to avoid all of the traffic. We've passed Goathurst. The journey takes another forty minutes from the normal, but, as dad said, it's more pleasant (from all of the trees and greenery) and gives us a clearer road to drive on, rather than stopping and waiting alongside other people.
Other than that, nothing much more so far. Except that I suspect that I am ill. I'm guessing by the way I'm blowing my nose (more often, has more colour to it, makes me feel sicker after the first blow of that time). I think I may be I'll. God already knew. But I won't let me illness stop me.