The Cryptic Library
2023-09-23 00:06:59 (UTC)


- 3:18 p.m. -
Today's Dead by Daylight session was another losing streak.  Out of ten matches, I only had two escapes, one of them through the hatch.  However, I did reach Prestige 9 with Kate Denson, so that's another Survivor crossed off the roster.  And then I began the grind with Adam Francis.

I played some more War of the Walkers today.  It has the NPC followers mod incorporated into it, so I had hired some allies.  But when the first bloodmoon horde came, they weren't very helpful.  Even though I had them set to attack, they just stood there.

I believe my "time of the month" started today.  It was about time, but oh how I wish it had started earlier in the week.  Tomorrow we go to the USS Orleck Naval museum, and I feel the general ugliness that I typically feel during my menstruation period: Headache/Migraines, cramps, fatigue, etc.  I'm going to take a little nap now...

- 7:55 p.m. -
I saw that Steam has the State of Decay 2 game on sale for $7.50, and is free to play for the weekend.  It looks kind of interesting, but I'll probably never play it.  So I don't know why I'm considering buying it.  It looks really complex, building your base, recruiting survivors, and defending your base from zombies and other survivors.  Sometimes I think I'm better off writing a zombie story with characters from my other stories, or even fanfics.  The idea of a zombie apocalypse in Stardew Valley has crossed my mind at one point.  That's a story that'll probably never get written, though.  I'd have to come up with the character who would be your protagonist from the game.  I've already written a zombie story for Dead by Daylight.

I haven't done any writing during my vacation, so you could say that I took a vacation from that, too.  I think I'll resume when I go back to my daily work routine.