2023-09-23 03:25:23 (UTC)

tear me to pieces

trying so hard to be heard,
the forgetting
caused her to be a victim of circumstance...

I saw it today as her anger devoured her.
She would not allow her self expression.
She could no longer witness her truth
unable to seek justice for herself
her monster fed,
deepening the hole in her heart.

She becomes the victim of herself.

And I'm sorry mom but I can't support you like that no more.
I see the door
and I've chosen to open it...
It hurts to see you suffer and I understand
because I was just there too
and I'm scared and I don't know what to say
when I see what's happening
but you don't
and I wish I could pull you through
and who will take care of you
"woe is me"...
is getting left on the floor
I can't take it with me anymore.

I know my worth...
I wish you did too.