Whispers of the Heart
2023-09-21 17:37:24 (UTC)

21th September, 2023

Hello world!

This is 21th September, 2023 and clock is ticking around 11:23....

It was a good day. [ My laptop is making cracking sound right now (⊙_◎) ]. Let's get it started with me waking up at 7:30 in the morning. It was late already. Got ready and headed for the breakfast. At last moment, Janudi was like "Mane nathi saru, hu nahi aavu". Not only that he was convincing me to not to go to college. Cause he was feeling lonely. God, I am so lucky that somenone is so attached to a person like me. But I couldn't stay cause I might need the attendance for (Home Construction) purpose in future. So I had to go to college.

First it was Literature lecture. Saw a 8.5 out of 10 movie. It was a really great movie. Gotta say, Aman deep has very good taste in movie. Time just flew away watching the movie. Then it was Algorithm lab. Did some codeforces question (Trash talking, Internship talks, Broken English with Pabani).

Then it was lunch break. The usual, Pabani and dharmik roasting each other and me laughing relentlessly. All the bros from different divisions come and talks about shit they are going through (Jenil, Milan, Prit, Janudi ( UwU)). Bitching nirma's faculty and it's great education system.

Then it was Machine Learning lecture. The OG VUP. After that It was Software Engineering lecture, but Ma'am was not available so it was a proxy lecture. Guess who is it, Vivek Prasad Kumar. He is chill. He gave us privilege to do whatever we want to do. So Me and Deva022 thought of giving a virtual contest. But the internet was not on our side. Then did some small talks. Started a chess game against Savan but time was up already. So had to abort it.

Then came back to hostel. Janudi was waiting for me. Had tea with roommates. Suddenly remembered, It's didi's birthday today. I was like "Fuck, How could I foget about it ?". Mom would have killed me by throwing chappal from navsari and landing it on me here. Then wished her a happy birthday. Had a recall of my memories with her. She's 26 now. We were kids playing and fighting with each other and now she's getting married next year. We got a whole lot of history. (❤️)

Then again some codeforces and Accounting stuff. After a while, It was time for contest. Headed to Room No 18. It always me fucking with others doing questions cause I don't know shit (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.). In between contest, Got a call from Mom and Dad celebrating Di's birthday. (Damn, It was a huge cake). Then talked with Mom for a while over coming home and stuff ( High level conversation) . And there's dad always asking about health and money.

Then had dinner. Had a thought of making a bucket list. And It's going to be so fucking expensive (As it should be 👈(゚ヮ゚👈)). And here I am writing this log. [11:48]. Kind of happy cause it's friday tomorrow. Got to sleep.

Music of the day - This is what heartbreak feels like by JVKE

"I am strongest of all, I can handle anything. I can achieve anything. I can do anything. No matter what the situation is, I am always going to make it out. I am limitless, I am fearless, I am unstoppable. There might be days in which I will be at my lowest, but I will rise again, I will climb up again. I am insane." - The chosen one