My short pointless life
2023-09-21 21:32:26 (UTC)

Things that don't make sense to me

Certain things in this world do not make any sense to me. I see no practical use for them. No greater good has ever come from them and most important of all....what binds them all together is the fact that it make the corrupt and rich happy and wealthy.

So top of the list is Religion. No brainer there. I haven't witnessed or even history herself hasn't witnessed any good coming from it. From the crusades to the middle east. It only funds war. Keeps the high priests rich and the rest of us get fucked over.

Cruise ships are another stain on humanity. Amount of wasted resources to keep these greedy asshats happy. Is insane. Ships out at sea. Away from cities and humans. The beautiful horizon. Maybe some star watching. But what do they do. Sit below deck and watch live entertainment shows. Girls in bird feathers dancing and singing. Dude that can be done at your local stripper bar. Put on the DVD and watch the person sing. You pay thousands of bucks to do the same thing on land? If you wanna make them then make it practical and not luxurious. The decor inside will rival the sultans of the east. The amount of energy can probably run a small village. But nope. Go big or go home...

First class air travel. Another waste of resources. Firstly the amount of cabin area wasted to fit the first class asshole you can fit three regular ones in there. But the company will charge you the fee four times the regular fare. Like are you that fucking pampered that you can't sit on a seat for a few hours and have your peanuts like a good boy. Keep some bunk beds for the long ass flights. Fuckin ayeeeee...

Fasting cause of religion. Another whackjob of a reality. I can't swallow the fact that your God who made the universe from the flower in the garden on the other side of the world to the very fabric of reality made strict rules on what humans should and shouldn't eat. Only humans. Not animals. Only humans. Cause animals don't worship gods. They live happy. We humans suffer cause unfortunately we worship.

Freedom of speech is a lie. It only works for the rich. You keep them pockets full and nobody can say shit about ya. One sentence about your leader and you're fucked.

Rich will always win. Always. Forget the movies where the good guy wins. Forget the wisdom of self help stuff. You got the money you can make anything happen. Or anyone disappear. Or make any news article irrelevant. Or twist the media to cater to your needs. The law cant fucking touch ya..It's a fact of life. Live with it...you will be happier living in the woods in a cabin away from the humans.