A Deranged Unicorn
2023-09-21 14:59:05 (UTC)

I am currently so hot..

…coz I’m in the bath. My mum commented I’m wasting water but I needed this. My mum can go suck a newt anyway! My lovely faithful pooch is currently hacking away his claws at an itch. If I had that much hair I’d be scratching all day. I hate my hair going down the back of my head so it’s always up. I have also managed to shave half my head underneath so that a stretchy headband doesn’t stick my hair out.
I haven’t had a bath since…the last time (which was a fair while). I have just finished the penultimate programme The Woman in the Wall and was left hanging! I didn realise that they weren’t all available so now I’m in the bath trying to read ‘ikigai’.
Apparently everyone needs an Ikigai. I definitely do. Since I was medically kicked out the then Her Majesty’s British Army back in 2013 (seems like last week!!) I have been ‘lost’.
Due to the many and now permanent diagnosis of PTSD, I have found zero, nada, zilch interests that used to be my interests. My move to Scotland has left me far from anyone I know and those I do know nearer to me, are having life problems of their own!..or I’m not motivated enough to keep in contact. I used to be the one that travelled to meet up. I used to be the one to keep in touch. I used to the the one who was the morale queen and even received an Unsung Hero award for keeping soldier’s spirits up in my unique sense of humour, during my 2 tours in Helmand province.
As soon as I started having problems in the brain arena, I was dropped like a Great Dane’s shit bag. I heard nuthn from so-called mates and my so-called best friend had only travelled full distance to see me wherever I was in the country once, in 10 years. Urgh. I really need to read this Ikigai book…!
Right! I’m getting out the bath and then I might pick that pencil up and continue sketching my dog..
Well now I sound like my flatmate who has ADHD!!…