La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2023-09-21 14:49:50 (UTC)

Life happens to fast.

Sometimes is hard to stay away from people and situations that don't resonate with who you are, I'm slowly learning to stay away from these kinds of people. However, others do, and they bring so much joy to my life, such are two of my best friends no matter what situation we are in or how far from each other we are, they always find a moment to respond to the messages and make sure we are doing well.
Having my mother home has been a true blessing, I've been able to help her out with her boyfriend's recent passing and the grief that she is still holding on to, is odd to me to see how well she adapts to my energy and love, I feel that this time is different because I get to see her trough a mothers eyes and love and care for her the same way she did when I was a child and even today. We speak the same love language, so our communication is fair and fluent. I enjoy listening to her while we play cards, or a board game called sequence that we love. My little girl is so good at playing her and her grandma can play for long periods of time, I don't really have the patience, but I do it anyways to enjoy the moment together.
My book is moving slowly but surely, and I need to go to the printing office soon to have the first raw version of it. Then move on to the second part which is slimming the book but am not in a hurry to finish it I will when it's ready hopefully my birthday next year that's my limit time to have it completely ready.
I've been having a lot of health issues that have not allowed me to be on top of my game, but I do my best to pull through, today I woke up with a dry cough and the ear infection seems to be taking forever to heal, but I'm almost done with antibiotics had to cancel my internist appointment since I'm on treatment I can't have the lab results bee trustworthy, and I'm hoping I can reschedule that appointment.
But other than that, I am here today, helping my daughter out with schoolwork, they suspended all the children from attending school they will be constructing a fire escape later that will take a couple of months for them to finish, so I'm happy about having my little girl been homeschooled for now.
I haven't been able to write on this site from my cell phone so it's taken me longer to post, but I'll try to be more consistent not to loose this habit.