2023-09-20 18:51:51 (UTC)

2023 09 20 - Tame the summit

- Sugar: None
- Water: 2L
- Workout: 8 minutes jumping workout (I came home from work very late today and didn't want to go for a run in the dark. Therefore I did burpees at home. Oh boy... I can already feel the pain creeping up my legs. It feels great.)

So, today I had my mentoring session with my boss - and it went absolutely great! I was so scared yesterday and today I'm so relieved and proud. I did a very good job explaining my situation and my boss totally understood where I was coming from. He promised to support me and find solutions for the struggle I'm currently having. I could tell he respected me for being honest, brave enough to clearly address the topic, and for looking at the situation from different angles. It couldn't have gone any better. I'm still scared to go to work because the actual problem is not solved yet but I'm proud of myself and very confident that it will get better within the next 2-3 weeks once the new CEO arrived.

"It seems like so much of our lives are up to chance and it's impossible to know whether things are gonna work out how we want them to. But for all the successes and failures that came before us it makes sense.The ones that failed in the grand scheme of things guaranteed that result by quitting. And the ones that succeeded guaranteed that success by not stopping until that was the result. It's not complicated. It's just difficult. And you can handle difficult just fine."

The summit is what drives me but the climb itself is what matters. The first step was made. Trust the process.