Joe Martin's Custodial Chronicles
2023-09-19 20:30:12 (UTC)

Doctor my eyes

Just got back from the optometrist and got an upgrade to my Rx. New frames too. I have pretty good insurance that will pay for a big chunk of it. Friday I went to the Dermatologist and got a passing grade there too. One thing I know that still works is my sex drive. After seeing all those assistants who work for these MD's I'm usually feeling pretty randy after leaving. They're always beautiful and young and don't worry about an old goat like me so they are pretty relaxed and just happy. The best one was when I got my hearing tested. This Lady just talking to me had me so glad I could hide in that booth for awhile because I was pretty sure Mr. Happy wanted a check up too since he was trying to get a better look.
The optometrist is next to a High School and man I feel like such a perve watching them girls swaying about. How could you be a teacher and have all those young girls in your classroom with their Bodies hanging out? I gotta laugh at those jeans with the holes in them that they wear now having become just tattered garments barely hanging on. Some are so torn I couldn't even use them for rags to wash my car.
It must be that staying here at the Folks in my old teenage bedroom has me thinking about the old days of tossing off. Back then you had to either have a good magazine or wait for a semi naughty late night movie that would come over the air to get you going. Maybe I should have been more eager to go to the Doctors back then.
Doctor! Doctor!
Can't you see I'm Burning, burning
Oh Doctor! Doctor!
Is this love I'm feeling?