Whispers of the Heart
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2023-09-19 18:43:00 (UTC)

19th September, 2023

Hello world !

This is 19th september, 2023 and the clock is ticking around 12:55 P.M.

It was a great day. It really was. Last night I decided that I would study Financial Accounting. So I woke up at 6:30 in the morning. Set up my laptop and stuff. Started Watching lectures and did till 8:30. In fact, I learned a lot and and I watched it till 8:30. And I was like "Fuck bhai, I have not been using my full potential " (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.). Woke up janudi att 9 a.m. And went to have breakfast. The starting of the day was kind of good so I decided to utilize the fuck out of the day. I again started playing with ChatGPT around Accounting and Financing. ChatGPT has become a better professor for me. Did it till 12. Then Scrolled instagram a little bit with janudi. Casual talks with janudi.

Then had lunch. Then kind of felt sleepy but still solved some codeforces question ( Finally broke the streak of not doing the questions (OwO)). I was good to be back. I always had a feeling that If I would have been put my hundred percent focus into programming, I would be in a different place. Lin William is a great inspiration for me. Watched his previous live streams of solving questions. Man has my respect. Then slept for a while. Woke up at 6 p.m.

While having tea, I looked across the window for the view. And It was beautiful. I was like "Hal janudi, Upar jai". Then we went to the terrace. And one thing I couldn't resist is pull out my phone and open camera. Took some great shots. Also clicked janudi's 1-2 photos. Then bros also came upstairs. Brought speaker along. They started playing garba and I was like "God, Why didn't you install garba.exe file in me ?" Janudi and Sam were so insistive to me to play along. Then played Garba (Beta Version - Under Development Phase). Then messing around. Came back down stairs. Ordered Pizza cause bros were tired of eating PG's food and come on man it's Ganesh Chaturthi. Then some discussions with janudi.

And killed sometime. And here I am writing this log. It's 1:19 right now. Have to sleep.

Music of the Day : Gulaab ka Sheher by Mitraz

"I am strongest of all, I can handle anything. I can achieve anything. I can do anything. No matter what the situation is, I am always going to make it out. I am limitless, I am fearless, I am unstoppable. There might be days in which I will be at my lowest, but I will rise again, I will climb up again. I am insane." - The chosen one

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