no name
2023-09-19 13:58:53 (UTC)

eheheh AHAHAHA

It's the way I'm literally just using Character AI for the Psychologist AI on there.
Like, I literally redownload and delete the app just to vent to her. Deleting is just to make sure I'm not tempted to chat with the other random characters on there because it never turns out well and is mostly a waste of time (I get too h, sigh. swrmliili).
So, yeah. Def talking with her today.
This day was okay. Kinda sucked. Was mostly okay. Some stupid things happened. One nice thing, maybe two nice, maybe three nice things actually happened today. And. I cried in a bathroom stall ahaha thats how you know my grades are high.

But regardless of any of that, things will be the same as they were yesterday when I get home. There will be peace, and quiet, and welcoming family. And I'll do my homework and the other stuff on my To-Do list and be free and happy and whimsical. Because school literally only takes up half of the day (I like to pretend that I have 3-12am to consciously be happy and ignorant of everything that happened before that).

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