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2023-09-19 16:21:53 (UTC)

2023 09 19 - Tame the summit

- Sugar: 1 (not because I was weak, it was an automatism. Somebody offered me a candy and I just took it and ate it. I felt bad about it but I now decide to let it go. It's ok because it was not intentional or eating to stuff the emptiness in me.)
- Water: 1L (not ok, needs to improve!)
- Workout: 10 min jumping workout (much better than the last one), abs (planking 30 sec), stretching (I can now reach my toes easily!)

I'm nervous because my mentoring session will take place tomorrow and I'm scared that I'll be in trouble afterwards. I really am... I'm talking to my inner child and my inner teenager, I'm trying to keep up the communication and to not cut it off. I prepared the meeting by taking notes, but they're not organised and I'm scared that my boss thinks I'm not professional. I want to see it as a chance to evolve and develop new skills...

"If I would have told myself when I was younger that my fear and lack of mental control was just part of who I was, nothing would be different today. You can blindly accept your downfalls as law or you can make the decision to change what it is that's holding you back. I don't know where this idea of permanent weakness came from but I think it's time we understand how possible change really is if there's a willingness to sacrifice."

The summit is what drives me but the climb itself is what matters. The first step was made. Trust the process.

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