night's, love, hurt, & all the good
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2023-09-19 08:54:37 (UTC)

It’s going..

So apparently there was a loose bear at magic kingdom yesterday. Luckily we were at Hollywood studios. I’m so paranoid about wild animals out here since that little boy was ripped from his fathers arms some years ago.
Today we are just hanging out and not going to any parks. Possibly doing Disney springs which is just stores and restaurants. Just going to do some window shopping. I have been wanting to get some micky crocs but I don’t know if I will. They look cute and all but meh.
Today when we woke up little one told my husband that he NEEDS to get her ready cause I need more sleep. I don’t know where she got that cause I didn’t say anything to her. I was really surprised and husband avoided eye contact with me and paused hoping I’d say something to stop him. I didn’t say anything but I got up after that and I just started getting ready. Husband was like, “ where are her clothes?” Like seriously you haven’t been watching where I put her stuff? I really thought he was joking but he looked offended at my reaction. I just told him where and just got all her clothes out. I then proceeded to change her and she yelled at me saying, “No! He has to change me!” He put he hands down like, I don’t want to in disappointment. I smiled inside. Lol I mean it takes a lot longer when I have to get both of us ready and husband is just laying there in bed doing nothing so why not help?
Anyways he was mad that she wanted a balloon yesterday. Like why? We told her we would get her one when she asked at the house before we came.
He is mad that she won’t get on the bigger rides after her scare at the tough to be a big one. He keeps trying to peer pressure her. I told him yo stop. He got mad. He was all mad in line for a ride yesterday cause be didn’t like the people standing in front of us and kept snapping at the little one for it. I had to pick her up so he would stop it.

I’m gonna stop here.

Overall it’s going great! Lol little one is really doing great though. I got to go back in the room if I leave them both alone she ends up crying or being upset cause husband don’t know how to just talk to her. He really is mean. Turning into his dad. I don’t like it. I don’t want her to think this is how all men are and accept it when she meets some stupid guy that don’t know how to talk to her when she gets a little upset.

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