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2023-09-19 15:26:39 (UTC)


I'm just a few days away from my vacation, and I can see how badly I need to get away. I feel like I need some alone time to truly discover who I am. I am constantly surrounded by people, and while I enjoy spending time with him, I feel like I need some alone time. To not be too hard on myself once, to not look at my phone and simply be out in nature, experiencing new things, meeting new people, enjoying good food, and feeling alive. This is exactly what I need to recharge myself because I am currently triggered and tired. I believe that my first solo trip will boost my self-confidence and trust in myself. All I can think about now is the beautiful scenery I'll see, and I know I'll fall in love with this country. I know I'm triggered because my body is still recovering from my lack of sleep. I understand the issue. I haven't painted in weeks, so I'm going to get my supplies out and paint tonight. Make something magical happen. Painting makes me feel alive and happier, and it has always been my therapy. Another reason I haven't had a therapy session in a long time is that my therapist is very busy. This is what I intend to do tonight.
I'm going to eat, go for a walk, and paint.I know I'll feel better afterward.

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