Becoming Me 🌻

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2023-09-19 14:20:17 (UTC)

16 days

Their are exactly 16 days!!!! Until my birthday and I'm so excited. I want to go to Birmingham and stay up their in a nice hotel for the weekend and turn up up their. I'm so excited. I'll be turning 25 years old!!! So fast. But I'm excited and can't wait to enjoy myself. I took off for four days. It's getting closer and closer. I haven't been doing much except working, reading, and online schooling. That's pretty much been my life every single day and getting ice coffee almost every morning. Decided to start going to the gym today. I was supposed to go yesterday but I was really tired and I didn't even take a nap when I got home I just chilled in the bed like I always normally do watching book videos and 24hrs book resdathon on YouTube. It makes me almost want to do one but I can get easily distracted most times so whenever I'm at work I have audible and scribd and I can easily do that while I work. I'm currently reading/ listening to the final offer by Lauren Asher. The final book in the Dreamland and it's been so good. Might become my favorite out of the series to be honest. It's almost 600 pgs. Which completely fine with as long as their is some spice and their definitely is some spice. It's been an emotional rollercoaster reading this one but in a good way. It's just so good. I love Cal and Alana. Look at me ranting about a book that I'm currently reading. That's what I do when I have nothing else to write about in her because it's been so long since I've done so. Only because I've been so preoccupied with life and online schooling and work. Living life like every other human being. We got to worke extra early today to beat traffic same tomorrow. I'm getting my hair braided Thursday evening and I can't wait. My hair has been up in a ball all week. Month actually. I'm getting it done with my mother spa credits at the casino. I actually like getting my hair done most times besides falling asleep in the chair and that I have a habit of doing a lot. But it's worth it getting the hair done. I also want to get my nails and toes done. It's been a month since I last done so. Anyways, enough ranting for now. Not doing shit at work. But two stayovers. Their remodeling our area. Except the one building. I would love to see how this will work out till then.

- A

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