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2023-09-18 19:47:35 (UTC)

Mother Knignt

This is a Target Individual Track.
The only thing I am worried about is the pain body, and nose rings---
Not being 600 LBS.

Burying my pride only when necessary.
Emptying my mind of reasonable stereotypes, judgements, and opinion..

You looking at me stupid judging how I cope. ok
i really aint want to saay sh###
Big Apes Seid D%%%

Every time something happens to me its a mix of nature and natural.
But it was never time to pay, separate, respect my understanding
ok so facts
cinderella and 27 dresses with the ending cut off
thanks to the local bar owner that laced enough compassion to send me home
feelings do not pay bills
no on supports this weight or these illnsses but me

so as I am dragged and carried with all these cicatrices, stomach juice and
plans against my reputation. I have beeen clear for years that I will not be cooperating
and physically I HAVE HAD ENOUGH


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