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2023-09-18 18:41:31 (UTC)

2023 09 18 - Tame the summit

- Sugar: None
- Water: 3L
- Workout: Running (1,62 km), lower back, stretching

I was brave today. I asked one of my two bosses if he would agree to be my mentor because I have a few topics I'd like to work on in my professional life. He has a clear communication style, he tells you the bad AND the good, and gives advice and support instead of crushing criticism without any guidance. I could tell that he highly respected my wish to grow and take responsibility for my current life and my future, and he respected me for being proactive and asking him for a mentor/mentee program. He accepted my request and offered a first meeting this week Wednesday. Tomorrow I'll dedicate my morning to our new team member and show her the tasks she'll be involved in. And I'll use the afternoon to prepare for the mentoring meeting the next day. Way to go, I'm proud of myself.

"You know, everybody thinks they've got to be just like everyone else to make sure they fit in and meet the expectations of normalcy. But how about being so sure of who you are as a person that your personality becomes the thing that everyone wants to fit in with. In this world you can choose to fall into the same cycles of putting on an act to avoid social conflict, or you can be the person that inspires those around you to restore individuality."

The summit is what drives me but the climb itself is what matters. The first step was made. Trust the process.

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