Joe Martin's Custodial Chronicles
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2023-09-18 17:33:18 (UTC)

Escape from Covid Mountain

I'm off to the folks for the first part of the week after having both Daughter and her Boyfriend both test positive for Covid this weekend. We sent Gramma off to My Sister in Laws until this blows over. The Wife and I have both felt a bit lousy ,but lots of sleep seemed to help, and we both tested negative (Twice) They both pretty much stayed in their rooms and watched football all day yesterday so they seem normal. They would just sneak out to pick up their delivered food once or twice a day. I slept great and had a couple more rage dreams about someone from my past life last night. Past life meaning nearly 40 years ago. These dreams happen from time to time, I don't know why.
Back to work today after another very quick weekend. After we got the covid stuff situated we found very little left of the weekend so after I had my fill of the Football I knocked out my punch list of chores to do and watched a boxing card I had recorded. Crawled into bed around 11 and slept until 9.
It should be another interesting week at work seeing how we are supposed to have a meeting and we are to receive a new job manual on Wednesday. The Doc. got his manual and we had a few chuckles over it last Friday. It reads like a Highlights magazine for kids. The traits of a good custodian seem like Goofus and Gallant , Goofus rats out his coworkers while Gallant helps them and gets along with them. ETC.
We have a Goofus for a Boss so it's either laugh or cry, we laugh , but Hypocrisy is something that makes me crazy. But I take it and laugh at it until I can Leave it behind. We'll see how it goes this time.
Welcome to the Working week
Oh, I know it don't thrill you, I hope it don't kill you
Welcome to the working week
You got to do it till you're through it and so you better get to it

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