Diary of Derealization
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2023-09-15 13:41:17 (UTC)

Friday finally, also ashes

***Trigger Warning for talk about death and burial methods***

I work at a funeral home and today was a service and after the burial the family will be back for a repast. Very busy but it felt like a family reunion. Nice to see family being nice and kind and gentle with each other.
Another family called about their loved ones ashes so I had to hurry and put them in the keepsakes and they'll be picking them up soon.
Working here can be very stressful, but oddly one relaxing task is filling up urns and keepsake necklaces. Everyone else hates it but I love it, any time away from the front desk and all the calls and people is a good break for me.
I'd love to be cremated just so every one can take a piece of me home if they want. If I had the money for it I'd want a green burial, wish it was legal here to do that human compost thing cuz I'd do that. Get turned into soil and grow trees and flowers with me, grow food and just have some good fresh soil to garden with.
Cuz of this job I think of my own mortality a lot, but glad I'm thinking of it in more productive ways like getting life insurance and working on my will. Making sure the fam and friends don't have to do too much just to bury me/cremate me/lay me to rest in whatever way I choose.

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