The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-09-12 19:01:14 (UTC)

„God syndrome”

„Common boogeyman you are, it's true.

Let's see if you're all just bark, no bite.

Cowards like you always turn tail and take flight.”

Its literally about all of that “gangsta dangerous etc” boys that I happen to encounter at school. Like bro. For example. I have a group of that kind of people in my class. And today they called my other classmate a whore and commented on her appearance ofc when she wasn’t near yk. But then when she passed by, they immediately stopped. Like what, if your sooo cool to talk behind ppls back, spread rumours about them, why stop when they might hear you? What are you, scared? I thought you’re unbreakable, like you brag to your friends? Huh? This type of people pisses me off sm… Especially when they’re mean to others without a reason and act like they’re someone better. But when they have the opportunity to show how brave they are all they do is pretend they didn’t see a thing lol. Brooooo high school is in fact difficult but not because of studying, PPL ARE WORSE :(((