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me and my life
2023-09-12 03:16:16 (UTC)

Why is it simple for them???

For some people its so easy, how they deliver results, they plan and it works for them, they do things to achieve certain things and they get it whats that they doing it differently? and why is it that everything is so difficult, time consuming for me. I am in a phase where I am working hard but things are not hitting on right place. I have been in such position or situation before and its kind of frustrating. But all thses years I guess i have learnt to handle it well. to mention
JOB: doing every possible thing but I am not getting a job. Trying everything which other person is doing but i see people landing up in a job and am still searching and exploring and getting rejection mails everyday...

DRIVING: Failed my driving test because I couldn't merge at 100 speed on highway and took a sharp left turn, now I am 1 step behind I have to give G1 test and then G test this is so frustrating you know. I feel like a baby who cant walk and its so much efforts to start from the scratch specially when you are in your 30s.

Social Media: No matter again how much content I create, how everyday reels I post zero followers I just get it one or 2 in a week. creating a content takes so much time and work but no, I adopt all strategy of using trending music, new content topic, changing keywords,p posting it on shorts, engagement time pheww. Now I see few content creators creating damn same content every single day of how they wake up do yoga, eat breakfast and get ready literally same old content and their followers are increasing day by day.

Weight loss: Although i am not a fat person but my target is to be 50kg after losing 4kgs but nooooo.... I admit that am not very serious about losing a weight and its all because of no motivation
Because I don't see result in anything I do I feel so disappointed and I don't feel like doing anything. I have not created any content in spite of having ample time am just applying jobs....
feel so demotivated.... I am pushing myself everyday I drag and start up everyday but I see no positivity its killing my confidence. I know its just for a while but when will this end?? I just dont fucking feel like doing anything wasting my precious days of life simply doing nothing but cooking & cleaning.
I have started my remedy suggested by Tarot card reader lets see.... my blind faith.