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2023-09-11 03:32:27 (UTC)

Tarot cards reading & Manifestation

I had an appointment with Tarot card reader, I wanted to ask about my job. And to my disappointment she told me that Ill get job in November because she sees number 11 and that can mean 2 possibilities 1. can get job in 11th month which is Nov or else can get job after 11 months whatttttttttttt?? nooooooooo....
She gave me some remedy and I started doing that from today. Well, tbh I am not much into this all but when you are stuck at anything you have hopes in such things too..
I have to have to get job this months by any way... I have a mentor booked this Tuesday for career counseling its for free. Lets see what he has to say about me.
So here I want to manifest my life.

I have a job, good job I have a really good pay as I expected, work, boss, location and everything seems good. Its hybrid setup and I am so comfortable. I shop whatever I want. Feel productive also I am studying to enhance my skills and upgrade my CV. My social media growth is also in a positive numbers and I get collabs too. I am happy and content, healthy mentally, emotionally and physically as well. married life is going well too.. I have a Good job, good job, good job.. Universe help me achieve this asap. Thanks a lot!