The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-09-07 20:56:19 (UTC)


I’m changing, I guess. Like almost a week in this school and I feel like I’m becoming one of these dumb girls that all they care about is makeup……. I DINT WANNA BE A LIKE THAT LOL…. No I’m probably overreacting (again) but yeah I feel more confident in this school, idk why… I realized how ending the relationship with m. Saved me. He literally took all my confidence and self acceptance. You know the feeling when you love somebody soooo much that your whole mood depends on how they treat you and then they rant all day how ugly amd useless you are? I never realized how much harm it caused on me. I literally became too insecure to talk to ppl. And that whore m. Built his confidence ON ME. LITERALLY HE BECAME A LIL SELFISH BITCH BEVASUE HE DISCOVERED DEGRADING AND MAKING FUN OF ME MADE HIM FEEL BETTER WITH HIMSELF. And then he was like “omgggg stfu I can’t control it” yes you can. Lol, let’s not waste time on that mf. I WANNA SAY I MADE A FRIEND AT SCHOOL IM PROUD OF MYSELF YAYAYAYAYY andddd my life is kinda okay now? Ikr 2 days ago I was like “o should die” but now it feels like a cover was blown and I can’t even think about topics like that. Hm. A new coping mechanism? Probably.