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2023-09-03 23:33:59 (UTC)

long weekend..

Its a long weekend here in CA, but A goes to office. He is trying to earn extra, he has been working every weekend from past 3 weeks I guess. He promised to take me out next weekend though. on weekends he comes late at home around 7 ish but today he is more late he will be here at 8pm. I get so bored.. cooking cleaning. Today I made pani puri and sev puri for him, I steamed basmati rice and made moth curry ohh I love that. My mom use to serve me hot ghee chapatis along with steaming hot moth curry and some onions and papad ufff.... dont know when Ill be able to eat same soft chapatis again, here chapati turns out hard dont know why. Ok so I cooked a lot today too...
I get so bored sitting at home, am all by myself. After I wake up I do exercise, eat breakfast, clean the house, cook lunch, apply jobs, go for a swim, video call mom, eat lunch, watch TV, go out for grocery, eat snack then after A comes home we eat dinner very rarely go for a drive and sleep. He gets so tired that he sleeps early by 9.30pm.
I hope I get job asap man... I want to buy a phone for making good videos. ok byeeee