The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-08-31 17:53:00 (UTC)

This is where The story of me + happiness ends.

My mom is going to be here in a couple of hours. Later, after some days we’ll be heading back “home”. YAYAYAYAYYY I CANT WAIT TO BE CONSTANTLY LOCKED IN 4 WALLS AND SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE! LITERALLY IM SOOO EXCITED TO HAVE 0 PRIVACY AND FIGHT THE URGE TO THROW UP BECAUSE OF MY MOM AND NEW SCHOOL STARING IN OH WELL 3 DAYS? Yikes I was so happy here. At my grandmas I can eat how much I want without someone yelling at me and forcing to eat more. I can spend time alone and concentrate (yk I’m trying to write *cough cough* something *cough cough choke* and surprise ITS NOT POSSIBLE WITHOUT CONCENTRATION.) after all my mom isn’t that bad but she still treats me like I’m 5 lol. “Omgggg what’s my lil girlie doing” every 5 minutes. First of all, I’m not a girl. At least I’m not sure lol. Second, DO I LOOK LIKE SOME RECKLESS KIDDO WHO CANT BE LEFT UNSUPERVISED, it’s just so annoying. In that fucking city I can’t even spend time alone in that small ass apartment. It’s so different in a small town, yk nature, peace. I hate that city with a burning passion lol. It’s like suffocating. BTW THE DOG JUST HUGGED INTO ME OR SOMETHING IDK HOW TO SAY IT IN ENGLISH BUT ITS SO CUTE I CANTTTTTT