Dream Scribe

2023-08-30 22:34:30 (UTC)

It's Always Good To Write Here.

I haven't written here for a long time.
My fears, abnormal fears are healing and dissipating. Who could be more hugely relieved about this than me.

I have spent a very cold Winter in bed. Most of it. I don't care either. The only important drawback is that I have slowed down the recovery work. It's picking up again now so once again, hugely relieved. When it comes to relief, incomprehensible comes to mind also.

I need to write more. Life feels precious. To me. I get treated like shit by others in the community and it far outweighs those who treat me well and love me and I them. Those who treat me like shit is a direct reflection of themselves. I have to learn how to not internalize their shit. Keep it outside. It's getting better for me. This I am forced to work on every single time I walk out the door.