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2023-08-28 16:11:33 (UTC)

Loneliness & blaaa

Hi there,
The phase of loneliness is here, most of the time I try to keep myself occupied with cooking, cleaning, applying jobs, going out for a walk or grocery and sometimes shooting reels but what about SOCIAL LIFE? real social life? I wait for A to come from office so that we can chat and spend time but he also gets himself occupied in some or other work on his computer. Then I am left alone sometimes cooking alone, watching kdrama or something else I feel so lonely, since he is working on weekend too that makes more difficult for me to cope up. We haven't gone out and had fun for the longest time I guess Niagara was the last outing and after that we went on trails uff don't even ask me the experience it was horrible Every time I felt like ill get attacked by some wild animal maybe stupid of me but still..
So today I have couple of things to do like
activate international roaming on my Indian number
File ITR
Edit cv and make versions
Apply jobs
Make moongdaal rassa
Open Indian & CA amazon affiliate account
Edit a reel
Edit youtube video

and I havnt even started ok I should get going now byeeeee. I wanted to write more but falling short of time cyaaaa