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2023-08-25 03:24:10 (UTC)

Perfect day

Hahaha Calling it a perfect day but it started with a tiff with A because of his alarm. He set 2 alarms 5.00am and 5.15am and still he stays in bed which disturbs me and breaks my sleep. I told him so many times to just set 1 alarm and walk out of room but he refuse to do so god knows why and for the same reason we had a tiff 2-3 times. Because then I wake up at 6 to make chapati for him and he leaves at 7pm then I have to stay awake from 5am and for what?? nothingggg... this is so annoying and has been happening since I arrived here.
anyways he said me sorry in the morning for that but am sure he will repeat this tomorrow again haha...
So today after he left at 7 I slept till 10am and wow I felt so fresh after that all disturbed sleep. I applied jon from 6 to 7pm. I woke up at 10am had oats with fruits and almond milk, spoke to my mom and MIL couldn't workout because it was 12 pm by then. I applied few more jobs. then I cooked and I cooked like insane while watching kdrama I cooked Daal, beef keema, sevaiya, fish fry and made gaucamole, had lunch at 2ish and I was just looking at the swimming pool I was contemplating but then at 3.30 finally I wore my swimsuit and went for a swim and woooooowwww I felt so good. I came home at 4.10pm bathed, washed dishes and had protein shake and watched few Hubspot videos. then A came home chatted had dinner and went for a drive as it was raining, but drive was not pleasant I dont like when A drive at dark isolate dplaces and here at night you will find such places mostly it looks beautiful in day but at jight it looks scary to me. houses amidst tall trees beside cemetery pheww then after coming home I had my night drink and writing diary while enjoying watching rains out.... hmmmmm miss mom and everything about India.