The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-08-24 21:25:24 (UTC)

Fuck fuck fuck paranoid asf rn

A half of an hour ago I heard distant gunshots, it’s not something unusual here but god there’s really a lot of shit going on near the border of my country (haha funfact, you could walk around 700 meters from where I’m right now and you could literally look at land that’s a part of that country, let’s call it country B lol, that can be a potential threat :3). Today even something happens including that country B that could be a part of a bigger plan at least that’s what rumours say. Also I heard a suspicious vechicle passing by. Like I know how a car can sound, a truck and even those big military trucks or whatever they are and honestly I’m not sure what it was. I’ve heard really really a lot of shit about political situation here and it’s making me paranoid. I’m even planning to stay up a bit later tonight and just listen for any unusual sounds outside just in case. These gunshots were… just something else, like closer than usually. Im still kinda scared. I shouldn’t be, like I said just my paranoia kicking in but damn. What if something bad really happens? I’ve had dreams of war ever since I was little and had no clue what that word meant. Weird ain’t it? I’ve always had a thing with dreams, lol. Like, 3 times in my life I had dreams where people/animals died and ones related to them later passed in real life. Never the same being that died in my dream tho. BTW I JUST ACCIDENTLY RECALLED THE MOST SICK GUT WRECKING MORBID DREAM I HAD WHEN I WAS LIKE 4-5 AND IT REPEATED AT LEAST TWICE WTF. Bruh I feel like my English is getting poorer every day-