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2023-08-23 18:49:41 (UTC)

Job - Confidence - hmmm...

Today my friend called me and she told me that one of our ex colleague has moved to Canada and she bagged a job in 1.5months whoaaa... I was like really...howwww?? My friend told me that girl has posted her experience of how she found one and how others can find one on her LinkedIn account. My friend told me to approach her and I did mail her. Am happy for her indeed but such news also somewhere in corner of your heart makes you doubt on your capabilities. She applied 200 jobs, while I applied 389 jobs OMG.... and on other platforms too so in total 500 I guess. I gave 5 interviews and none turned out to me yet for 2nd round , should I laugh on self or should I feel shame about it.
Today I interviewed for Product Manager role tbh that role was complicated one but still I tried my best but wasn't happy with my performance. Somehow I feel that my confidence, presence of mind and promptness should be worked up on. I should work on my comm skills.
I will try to be more serious towards my application process. I hope I come with some good news soon, pray for me.
Its a rainy day today and the climate is so wonderful, A has come home early and he is resting i mean the climate is asking for it to sleep and cuddle in warm blanket. ok byee i got to apply job.