The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-08-13 23:14:15 (UTC)

Fuck tiktok and my throat :P

Literally. I just wasted a hour on TikTok JUST BECAUSE I DIDNT HAVE THE NERVE TO BRING MYSELF TO DO SOMETHING MORE ESSENTIAL (uh oh idk if that’s how you say it in English) ALSO AFTER SPENDING A HOUR THERE I FEEL WEIRD LIKE WEAKER AND BORED. The funny thing is I barely can breathe because something went wrong when my parents made me and my 3rd tonsil or something is the size of a fucking baseball pit. it’s just slightly bigger that it should which leads me to struggle for every breath from time to time… bruh I’m proud to say I forgot about all the shit that happend with m. Even all the guilt is gone (because now I’m kinda convinced it’s all my fault but just stopped overthinking the same topic over and over) uhhhh that’s all ig these entries are so random now hahsh