The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-08-07 20:43:32 (UTC)


A PERSON FROM MY FUTURE CLASS ASKED ME SOMETHING LIKE „HEWWO WOULD U LIKE TO TELL ME YOUR INSTAGRAM” NAD I READ IT LIKE „HEWWO DO U WANT TO TALK THROUGH IG” IN MY LAUNGAGE ONE FORM OF „TALK” IS SIMILIAR TO „TELL (something)” SO I JUST WENT BATSHIT STRESSED FOR TALKING WITH SOMEONE WHICH NEVER HAPPEND IM KINDA DISSAPOINTED THO BECAUSE WHY NOT TALK TO SOMEONE BUT OK FUCK IT BRO ILL TALK TO PPL WHEN SEPTEMBER STARTS…. When it comes to new school im proud to say im not as stressed as i used to be. I think i kind of managed to work out some sense of self? Or something? I just know how to act in front of ppl more or less which i never knew earlier. So yeah im better NOW but im sure it all is going to go downhill sooner or later.. also bro last night I genuinely felt like I was high, I LOOKED AT A DIGITAL CLOCK IT WAS LIKE 1 A.M AND IT WAS FUCKING PINK AND SPINNING THERES NOTHING PINK IN THAT ROOM AND ALL I DRANK WAS COFFEE… 3 coffees lol.