Dream Scribe

2023-08-07 11:44:36 (UTC)

Who Would Believe Me?

Are my mental health issues real or an elaborate cover?
If you really really think about it, madness is a good cover.
I'm not screwing with you. Just think.
I'll do almost anything to stay alive. No, I will go to any lengths to keep on living.
Even if I get injured in the process.
I am extremely grateful to be able to write exactly what I need to on this website.
People fear what they don't understand.
I'm noone to be feared, yet it would pay to have a little fear anyway. I live with abnormal fear almost every day of my life. So why should you?
Bottom line is, I just want to love and be loved.
I haven't had a drink for 15 months. Now is not a good time to be screwing with danger ; entertaining thoughts of having just one drink. No.