The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-08-02 20:42:27 (UTC)


I AM SICK OF THIS. HOW COULD THAT FUCKER COME BACK ONLY TO MOCK ME? HOW? M. TEXTED ME ONLY TO FLEX HOW MUCH HIS LIFE IS BETTER WITHOUT ME, HOW BAD I HURT THEM AND HOW “BETTER” HE IS THAN ME. I NEVER ASKED FOR IT GODDAMNIT YOU LEFT ME ONLY BECAUSE I CARED FOR YOU? BITCH ALL I DID IS LOVE YOU AND CARE FOR THIS RELATIONSHIP TO BE THE BEST, I KNOW THINGS WERENT PERFECT I OFTEN THOUGHT, RARELY BUT SAID THINGS I DIDNT MEAN TO WHEN YOU WERE A DICK YO ME OR I WAS PISSED BUT DOES IT MAKE ME THE BAD GUY? Yes I hated them and loved in the same time. Yes, I got lost among my own feelings. It’s partly also my fault but after all I just wanted us to be happy together. I cared for their feelings. Even tho In the end I kinda gave up. I still did. AND NOW HE JUST COMES BACK TO TORMENT ME, WHEN I BASICALLY FORGOTTEN AND FINALLY STARTED LIVING INSTEAD OF BLAMING MYSELF AND OVERTHINKING. BRO YOULL NEVER KNOW HOW ITS LIKE YO LOSE SOMEBODY THAT MEANT THE WORLD TO TOU. Also my fucking eye is hurting I don’t know what’s happening and I’m having some random heart (at least I think it’s the heart) pains I don’t know what to do anymore. My sight is getting kinda weird… or I am just imagining things. I hate to think my heart(?) problem might be because of chronic stress this mf put me through. It’s hilarious, I’m not even 20 and may have some heart disease :3 WONDERFUL!!!