The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-08-02 14:36:23 (UTC)

No titleeeee

Im coming back from a meeting with a friend rn, im so fucking tired like I slept total 5 hours or so ago high is little as fuck for me. It’s the same “friend” who confessed her feelings to me some time ago and I just noticed how uncomfortable I feel around her now. She even kissed me on the cheek which I told her not to because Its making me feel uncomfortable and pissed but no, couldn’t listen. And ofc I can’t say anything, talk to her or so because I don’t want to hurt her. Andddd to make everything more colourful, as soon as I come home my parents especially mother will surely attack me with questions. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???” “HAVE U ATE ANYTHING???” “ARE YOU MEETING TOMORROW?” “NO? WHYYYYY???”” Like all I want is to be alone for some time, it’s not bad that they take any interest in me it’s just the bad timing. Thanks god im staying at home tomorrow. I just need some time alone after spending it with people, that’s just how I am. That’s all ig ://