The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-08-01 20:14:52 (UTC)

Idk :(

I hate this place. God, I absolutely abhor it. Being in the centre of my parents attenion 24/7 is so tiring and annoying. I CANT EVEN GO TO THE KITCHEN WITHOUT “what are you doing here?????” “You want something to eat???????” “EAT THESE GODDAMN FRUITS YOU BARELY EAT ANYTHING >:(“ like am I a 5 years old that needs constant care? I don’t think so. God they always “check” what I’m doing, come into my room every 20 minutes, I know it sounds like some rambling of a “TeEnAgEr NoBodY UndErStaNdS” lol. But it’s just that I sometimes need to be left alone in order to don’t go insane. I like doing my things without anybody taking interest in it which they supposedly don’t want to understand. And my parents wonder why I’m “calmer” at grandma’s. At least I’m not treated like a toddler there, that’s the only place I can call “home”. I hope I’ll be able to yk come back here after some dumbass “vacation” my parents planned. Also I’m so tired, I met with a friend today and I think my social battery exploded. Venting here is so cringe to me now I’ll probably switch to something else :/