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2023-07-29 15:31:06 (UTC)

Bitter sweet

Today is Saturday.. Yubu is at home after long time he is not working on Saturday. Well, its a sweet thing we made & had breakfast together. After breakfast I was watching some videos & he was folding clothes. the actress in the video had a history she is aloof from bollywood, he asked me why is not on TV I told him that she had done some topless shoot and received negative comments that discouraged her and she left the line. to which he said that stupid of her to do such photo shoot and I said some people like your thought criticized her alot that triggered him. I said it very casually while he took it so serious saying I need an apology for you to say me that. I laughed and said why to which he got angry. I said why are you taking it seriously its true like you said people also shamed her, its her profession & her life, she gets money and people shouldn't be bothered about it that they harassed her so much that she couldn't take it anymore. Yubu started an argument saying there are consequences to such acts. and then he said i dint like what you said to me, you VERBALLY ABUSED me. OMG that's a big term he used. I was like what the hell are you talking, I said if you are hurt or felt bad i am sorry but I don't think this is any serious thing I said you. he was so furious and said you say this to your husband, you explain me what kind of person am I that you said me "people like me" God he just took it to another level. While I too got angry and told him I am not interested in this argument.
When I said people like you I meant people who have mindset like him who think this is wrong or bad or make such comments for bold girls. I still dont think I said anything bad, I cannot be diplomatic to my husband but I think I should be going forward, I guess its ok to saying such things of you call each other best friends but I guess we are far from being best friends. I felt bad he said I verbally Abused him this is a sensitive allegation actually he made on me. But if it so, if this is what think then I should apologize him. and I did but he said I dnt feel like you are really sorry whoaaaa such things scare me. I swear on god I dint mean to say him anything pointing on his character. phewwww
He is bedroom with door shut I know even If I go and apologize he will act up again. But I should if this has hurt him.
Such things make me stressed, he gets aggressive when he is angry. If anyone reading this let me know what you think about this?

I got 2 interviews scheduled and I gave 1 telephonic interview. Both the jobs are offering quite good salary. I hope i get through
, I have to give my 100%. This is the beginning.
I shall update on above bitter sweet in my next ..... bye