The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-07-21 22:20:23 (UTC)

Oh yes, fuck my life <3

I’m going to a new school after holidays, today I (or my mom cuz im staying at my grandmas lol) GOT A LIST OF PPL IN MY NEW CLASS AND GUESS WHAT SHE DIDNT SEND ME IT AND I HEARD PEOPLE ARE MAKING GROPU CHATS WITH THEIR NEW CLASSES THERES A POSIBILITY THAT MY FUCKING CLASS DID SO TOO BUT OFC IM NOT ABLE TO BE ON IT. I was so hopeful maybe I’ll find friends in that new school but I’m sure now I lost all my chances. I mean, if all people in that motherfucking class will already know each other and in September I’ll be the only one they don’t know THEN HOW THE HRLL AM I SUPPOSED TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH THEM WHEN THEY ALREADY WILL HAVE THEIR GROPUS ANF I WILL AGAIN BE THE FUCKING OUTCAST EVERYONE HATES AND MAKES FUN OF I PREFER TO FUCKING DIE THAN GO THROUGH YHIS AGAIN. Also, my life is “good” now but I feel so empty and hopeless. I’m damn sure I won’t find anybody to talk to. Maybe I’m overreacting but I feel like I’m going to cry. I suck so much. Ok that’s it, im probably not gonna make it till end of this high school thing sooooo having 0 friends and probably being bullied because let’s be honest 99% of these fucking kids love to make you wanna kys if you aren’t as social as them 🤪🤪🤪 my god why it’s always me. I mean, everyone I knew had nice relationships, friendships and were mostly happy and I’m just here, crying myself to sleep jest because of things that may happen. I hate myself more than anything and I prefer to die than to go to this fucking school in September. Ayo that’s all lmao.